Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Wax Your Ride Like a Pro in Less Time and Get Better Results

The most common questions we receive from customers relate to techniques and application of products. To help make waxing a car easier, take less time and ultimately get better results, here are some simple techniques and tips that you can incorporate into your regimen.

It All Starts With the Application
Start with a good quality, clean applicator. Besides being inexpensive, as the saying goes - the right tool makes all the difference. You’ll want an applicator that will put down an even coat where you want it, without squirting out product in dribbles and corners where you don’t want it. Don’t bother “wetting” the applicator with water before you use it. It’s much better to simply saturate your applicator with the product.

When applying wax on your surface, simply wipe it on thin, in overlapping straight lines. Don’t be like me with laundry detergent thinking that more is better. You are not adding any durability, shine or protection by applying the product in thick coats. Thick coats waste product and also cake wax in the crevices of body seams. Remember - Thin is In! Think of applying wax like painting a wall – a couple of thin coats get much better results than one thick coat.

You also don’t need to put it on in circular motions like the Karate Kid movie “Wax on Wax Off”. And avoid using excessive force by “rubbing it in”. The circular rubbing motion won’t accomplish anything except wearing you out and causing swirl marks. Instead, let the wax do the work.

While you’re at it, apply wax to your windshield and glass. It will work just like a rain protection product and is a whole lot easier to apply and take off. You’ll use the wipers less since the water will bead off for clearer vision, and won’t cause streaks on rainy nights when you do need to use the wipers.

Take care to keep the wax away from the vinyl, rubber and plastic trim. With the amount of plastic trim on cars these days, it is a lot easier said than done no matter how careful you are. Inevitably you will make contact with the trim at some point and leave a white mark. No problem, though! The last step is to dress all the trim using a solvent based dressing like Jax Wax Super Blue which will remove any wax marks and dress it at the same time! This will be the last step in the process.

Easy Does It Taking it Off
For best results we recommend using a clean microfiber towel for a couple of reasons. Because of the very fine fibers, it simply makes it easier. Equally important is that microfiber towels will not scratch your finish like a terry towel can. Ball up the towel loosely in your hand and turn it over frequently for best results.

Let the towel do the work! Remember, it’s natural to treat anything in our hand like a piece of sandpaper. Resist that – pressure and force are not needed here, simply let the towel do the work for you. Excessive rubbing will not bring a better finish. In fact in some cases, especially with a terry cloth towel, you can cause swirl marks.

Dress Your Trim and Remove any Wax Marks
The last thing you will want to do is dress the trim and doing so with the right product will remove any wax marks as well as making it look like new. The trick is to use the right product - a solvent based dressing, like Jax Wax Super Blue. A solvent based dressing will actually dissolve and get rid of any wax marks instead of just covering them temporarily. Our experience has shown water based dressings will simply cover any wax marks but will not remove it – they will re-appear.

We suggest wiping the dressing on with an applicator dedicated to dressing trim and tires. It’s much less work than wiping up overspray on your finish. After dressing the trim, take a clean microfiber and wipe off any excess dressing that got on your finish.

Final but Most Important Step
Most importantly - take a step back and enjoy the results or your work.

While you’re at it, take a minute or two and dress the tires to complete your detail. For in between waxes to keep your ride looking like new and to extend the protection of the wax use a quick detailer like Jax Wax Body Shine or Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine.

Scott Ellis is from Jax Wax Distribution Systems and is responsible for distributing Jax Wax Car Care Products retail worldwide. Jax Wax Car Care Products are widely used in commercial businesses such as detail shops, body shops, and auto dealers. Jax Wax is now packaging its products in smaller quantities for the consumer market. You can get fast, commercial quality results by doing the detail work yourself. For more information, go or call 877-7JAXWAX.


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