Friday, January 25, 2013

10 Commandments of Car Care Products

The Ten Commandments of Car Care Products
The Ten Commandments of Car Care Products
1. Surprise Me and Deliver on Your Hype
Your bottle shows flashy pictures of stunning paint finishes, polished metal and exquisite wheels and tires.  I saw you polishing a beer keg at a car show that looked like a mirror.  Your paid celebrity endorses your product and they say it is the best thing since sliced bread.  Although I don't expect my 5 year old daily driver to qualify for a Concours d'Elegance show, I do want better than average results.

2. Be Easy to Use
I don't want to learn a new trade, I just want to clean and detail my car.  I am busy and don't really have the patience or time to learn a new "5 Step Process".  I want to be able to use the product right out of the bottle.  If you have some tips and I have the time or interest to learn, fine.  I really don't need another project in my life.

3. Work the First Time
I want good results immediately.  Me like everyone else lives in a world of immediate gratification and high expectations.  Make a great first impression the first time I use you.

4.  Be Cost Effective
I demand value for my hard earned dollars.  Give me value and be competitively priced.  Don't package your products in funky shapes to make me think that I am getting more product than I actually am.    Don't dilute your products so they are the same as the everyone else's car care products.  

5.  Add Value to My Car and My Life
The reason I am using your product is that I want to make my car look better.  I want my car to look like it just got professionally detailed.  I want to protect the value of the investment that I have in my vehicle. I want that great feeling of sliding into the seat of a clean and detailed car for me and any of my passengers.

6.  Be Fast to Use
My time is valuable.  Unless my hobby is detailing my car, I don't want to spend hours waxing my car.  I have limited free time and want to make the most of it.  I don't need any more projects, I have enough to do and not enough time already.

7.  Keep it Simple - Don't Confuse Me
Don't have so many variants of the same products that I don't know what to purchase.  We are talking about car wax, soap, cleaners and dressings - car care products are not rocket science. I don't want to have to spend time trying to choose a product from the "Wax Wall".  My goodness, I already have enough decisions to make every day.

8. Make Me Want to Use You
Give me great results so I will want to use you again and again.  If I get great results, I will purchase again and give recommendations to my friends.  Make your products so easy to use that I look forward to cleaning my car.

9.  Make Me Look Like a Rock Star
Impress me after using you.  I want to hear comments from people about how great my car looks inside and out.  I want to catch random strangers looking at my car and asking me how do I do it? It makes me feel good about myself and buying your product.

10.  Be Consistent
Give me the same results every time I use you.  If I buy other products from you I expect similar results.

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