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How to Remove Wax Marks from Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Trim by Jax Wax

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 With the amount of plastic on vehicles (especially new cars) it is highly likely during waxing your vehicle that you will get some on the trim, regardless of how careful you are. 

Wax Marks on Vinyl Trim
Wax Marks on Vinyl Trim
These wax marks are unsightly and take away from a vehicle's overall appearance.

There are many remedies to remove wax marks - just google it!  These include using a pencil eraser, wax stain remover, vinegar, toothpaste, WD40, back to black, peanut butter, toothbrush, Dawn dish soap and the list goes on!

The easiest way is to dress your trim after waxing with a Solvent Based Dressing which dresses and protects your trim, AND removes the wax marks.

Here is how to do it:

Preparing an Applicator to Remove Wax Marks on Vinyl Trim
Spray the Solvent Based Dressing on an Applicator
Spray the Solvent Based Dressing on an applicator,  We prefer to use a cloth based applicator, because the texture will aid removing the wax as you apply the dressing better than a pure foam applicator.  A cloth based applicator also tends to distribute the dressing more evenly than a pure foam applicator.

Wiping Dressing on Trim to Remove Wax Marks
Wipe the Dressing on the Trim, Agitating the Surface
Using the applicator, wipe the dressing onto the trim, agitating the area where the wax marks are.

Wax Marks Removed from Vinyl Trim
After Dressing - Wax Marks Removed!
Wipe the excess dressing off the trim and the painted surface and you are done.  The wax marks are not just covered up, but removed.  If there is an inordinate amount of wax, repeat the application.

Here is a true story: 
Honeycomb Plastic Insert on Dodge Ram Hood Scoop
We met a fellow at a show that had just purchased a Dodge Ram. Much to his chagrin, the previous owner had applied a thick coat of wax all over the honeycomb plastic insert in the hood scoop and it looked hideous.
 Explaining the process to him, he was skeptical. We had him bring the truck over to us and showed him how to do it.
 Needless to say, he was one happy camper after showing him how to do it!

To read more about dressings, click here:  Keeping it Simple: Straight Talk about Dressings for Rubber, Plastic and Vinyl.

Have you got a technique to remove wax marks from trim to share?

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