Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Remove Swirl Marks on Paint with Jax Wax Swirl Remover and a Flex Random Orbital Polisher

Click on the Video below:

How to Remove Swirl Marks on Paint with Jax Wax Swirl Remover and a Flex Random Orbital Polisher

Swirl Marks are really fine scratches, especially noticeable on black or dark colored paint finishes. There are only two ways to reduce their appearance:

1.)  Fill them in with a product, but as the product wears off, they are still there. 
2.)  The best way,  polish them out and remove them.

Jax Wax Swirl Remover can be used either way.

In this video, Jax Wax Swirl Remover is used with a Flex Orbital Polisher to remove swirls without damaging the finish. Using an orbital polisher/buffer reduces the chances of harming the finish and enables even a novice to safely produce a professional finish free of swirls and holograms producing a mirror-like finish.

Jax Wax Swirl Remover is also a premium grade carnauba wax, combining polishing and waxing into one step, cutting your time in half.

Jax Wax Swirl Remover works excellent to remove Water Spots that are "etched" into your finish and even on glass surfaces.

Other than leaving a brilliant high gloss, Jax Wax Swirl Remover provides superior protection and durability, and is safe for all multi-stage and clear coat finishes, chrome and glass surfaces. Jax Wax Swirl Remover works equally well when applying by hand or with a buffer.

Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the "pros" do - and by doing it yourself!

Jax Wax Car Care Products are widely used in commercial businesses such as detail shops, body shops, and auto dealers. Jax Wax is now packaging its products in smaller quantities for the consumer market. You can get fast, commercial quality results by doing the detail work yourself. For more information, go to www.jaxwax.com or call 877-7JAXWAX.


  1. Thanks, Jax Wax swirl remover fills hairline scratches very well on all colors.

  2. Where can one purchase a [polisher and pad like used in he video? Thank you Doug at yruhot@cox.net