Sunday, December 8, 2013

Automotive Detailing: Use the Right Detailing Tool and Accessories for the Job

In automotive detailing, the old adage "Use the Right Tool for the Job"  doesn't ring any more true.

The detailing accessories and tools that you use is often as much if not more important than the product that you use. 

Use the Right Tool for the Job
This Might Take a While!
For example, you could have the best car wax in the world.

If you don't use a good wax applicator that allows you to apply it in thin even coats, you will not get a good outcome and end up working a lot harder than you have to.  If you use an old bath or kitchen towel instead of a microfiber towel to wipe it off, there will more than likely be residue that remains and likely you will end up introducing swirl marks in the finish.

Not to say techniques are not important in detailing - but the proper tools make all the difference in how well the finished product looks as well as making things easier and faster to do. 

We all know some people that are "penny wise and pound foolish".  Yeah - that guy!

"That guy" has no problem paying more than they should for some detailing products from the slick salesman with the microphone polishing the bottom of soda cans, lighting a hood on fire or spraying paint on a hood.  We've all seen the dog and pony shows. But when you talk to them about using the proper detailing tools and accessories - often times $5.00 or less - they turn a blind ear.

For example, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and other tradesman- just like professional detailers - don't get their tools and accessories at the dollar store.  Why?  Because time is money and results matter.

Other people just don't know that specialized detailing tools exist or where to get them.  We enjoy spending time with people showing them the available detailing tools and accessories to get the job done in the simplest, fastest way with the best possible results.

I'll never forget this story:
I'm at a car show this fellow comes up after waxing his car and says it's full of streaks and smears.  I go to look it over, and he's right.  It's terrible.  I ask him to show me how he did it.  He opens the trunk, pulls out an old washcloth that had now been assigned to "applying wax" duty.  Applying wax with a towel is just near impossible.  When I showed him a wax applicator and the proper way to apply it on a section his eyes bugged out.  It came out beautiful!  He bought the $1.50 wax applicator and a microfiber towel, and became not just a customer but a friend.  

So the next time you purchase some detailing and car care products, consider detailing accessories and tools.  It will not only make your life easier, you will get better results!

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